KOKORO Fitness

Kokoro Training Academy in Downtown Springfield MO

KOKORO Group Fitness Classes

KOKORO Group Fitness Classes are led by one of our highly qualified instructors and will always be tailored to your personal fitness level as well as being a whole lot of FUN. Classes will contain a warm up, skill session, workout and cool down all designed to help improve your overall fitness and health. Our Ginastica Natural Class is included in this membership. Drop In Rate $12/Class.


Book a time slot to use our Functional Training Space and work on an individualized program designed specifically to help you meet your goals. Choose from General Fitness, Strength or Engine. Meet with one of our qualified instructors for your induction to get you started.

KOKORO Remote Programming

If you have equipment at home but are lacking motivation or direction then KOKORO Remote Programming is what you need. We will provide you with individually tailored workouts designed to increase your overall fitness and health.

Ginastica Natural

Our Ginastica Natural class is held Tuesdays at 5-5.45p at KOKORO HQ. This class is an amazing blend of yoga, breath work and bodyweight movements designed to improve overall conditioning, flexibility, strength and promote recovery. $12 / Class or Included in KOKORO Group Fitness Membership.