KOKORO Fitness

At Kokoro we offer a variety of fitness training options to our members. Our goal is to develop well rounded, fit and healthy athletes capable of taking on whatever life demands of them.

Personal Training

We have world class personal training professionals available to help you reach your fitness goals. Start with an initial assessment before embarking on a tailored program to help you discover the fitness & healthiest version of yourself. Our personal training sessions are available in 30 or 45 min options to suit your schedule. Contact us to for further information or to set up your initial fitness assessment.

Kokoro Kettlebells

Our Kokoro Kettlebell classes are suitable for all fitness and experience levels. We use a simple & progressive system with our Kettlebell training to develop excellent all round strength & conditioning in our athletes. These 30 minute classes are a phenomenal whole body workout for those looking to improve their health & wellness without requiring a large time commitment. Please contact us for more information on how to get started.

Kokoro Flow

Our Kokoro Flow class is a bodyweight system designed to optimize your wellness and recovery. These classes are an opportunity to reconnect with your body and learn to unlock its potential to move freely and fluidly. Breath work compliments these classes to create a holistic system to not only challenge your body but also promote recovery and mindfulness. Please contact us for more information on how to get started.