Ginastica Natural

Ginastica Natural is a complete method for improving physical conditioning and health that uses only the weight of your own body.

With constant and varied combinations of movements, the Ginastica Natural method enhances such physical attributes as strength, power, stamina, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility and coordination; the result being improved health, quality of life, muscle tone, weight loss, core stability and much more. Through the accompanying breathing techniques practitioners enjoy great improvement in their motor and mental control.

The Ginastica Natural method was developed 25 years ago when renowned physical education teacher Alvaro Romano combined techniques from both ancient and modern exercise systems to create a new array of movements under one complete and unique methodology.

No matter your age or what physical shape you are in Ginastica Natural is for you!

The greatest advantage of following the Ginastica Natural method is that you get to know your body better through increased body awareness, plus better mind-body integration through the use of the breathing techniques. Ginastica Natural can be done in any setting and requires no equipment. The advantages are endless and include: weight loss, increased flexibility, improved muscular endurance, increased muscle strength, improved balance, better concentration, combat stress, no tedious routines, high calorie expenditure and muscular hypertrophy.

We offer flexible scheduling with our instructors and can work with you individually or in group classes. Please use our contact page if you are interested in scheduling a session.